Manufacturing for Solution and Suspensions

OEM NAME: Adam Fabriwerk Pvt. Ltd.
END USER: Sun Pharmaceutical Medicare Ltd.

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Automation of Solution line and Suspension line. Automation must Cover –

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    Control, monitoring and alerting of critical process parameters with common database

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    21CFR Complaint System


  • Two sets of CPU 1515‐2 PN with IO’s for automation of tanks.
  • IPC 477D – 5 Nos. Connected t central SCADA in the server client configuration.
  • WinCC V7.3 (65535 Tag) with Server‐Client configuration.
  • WinCC Audit for capturing the operator actions at every terminals and generating records from the server Computer.
  • Simatic Logon Remote Client for the central user management.
  • Alarm, Audit, Cycle and User management records from the Server Computer.

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