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Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical product or process, used to understand and predict the physical counterpart’s performance characteristics. Digital twins are used throughout the product lifecycle to simulate, predict, and optimize the product and production system before investing in physical prototypes and assets. 

Why Us

Innovative solution to move commissioning process from the shopfloor to the office, to reduce risks and costs related to commissioning of new production machines and to limit the usage of physical prototypes.



• Shorter time to production.
• Quicker change cycle.



• High quality PLC code.
• Optimized performance.


Less Expensive

• Cost of production.
• Cost of prototype .

  Shorter time to production.

  Quicker change cycles.

  Achieve a High quality PLC code.

  Optimized performance of the machine or system.

  Reduced cost of production failures and downtime.

  Reduced cost for physical prototypes.

  To Validate Automation program.

  To check how the automation code reacts in case of failure.

  To Train operators, how to use the machines.

  To check the production machines operation on Simulating.

  To reduce Commissioning time and Cost.

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